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I was born in Norfolk Virginia and I was raised in Princess Anne County. On January 11, 1963 Princess Anne County merged with the town of Virginia Beach to form the City of Virginia Beach and my home town ceased to exist. In April of 2013 I moved from the area where I grew up and lived all my life to Florida, a very different place.

What I have assembled here is a few pages of notes about various topics, photos of friends, family, and places I've been. I hope you find at least something here interesting. I guess now a days what with Facebook and all, people's personal web pages are a bit out of style. I just feel a bit odd because when you put content on Facebook it becomes property of Facebook. Doesn't that bother you?

Why does this page look the way it does? I have had many styles for my web page over the years but now there are more alternative devices being sold to access the web than standard desktop computers and laptops. There are more alternative web devices in my home by far than traditional devices. This led me to making a decision. Make several versions of my pages and switching style sheets depending on which device lands on the site, or go back to the beginning of the web and write it old school. This IS old school. Now any device can read my pages.

My email is ernie at escofield dot com

Personal Stuff
The Usual Stuff
The Kid Goes Under The Knife
My Great Great Great Grandfather and the Family
Doddie has Surgery
Fall 2001 Honey Crop
Moving Bees
Feeding Bees
My reading list
2001 Soft crabbing on Gwynns Island with John and Peanut
2006 South Caribbean Cruise
2007 South Caribbean Cruise
2008 New England Cruise
2009 Bermuda Cruise
2010 Caribbean Cruise
Tim's Fire
The Gang
Tommy II Goes Country
2010 Christmas
Pressure Point May 20th, 2013
Pressure Point May 27th, 2013
2014 Indian Rodeo
Ice Bucket Challenge
2014 Wood Memorial